Researching TAACCCT and OER

As part of a research fellowship with the OER Research Hub (OERRH) at the Open University, Billy Meinke (Creative Commons) is conducting interviews and questionnaires with TAACCCT grantees, exploring knowledge and perceptions of open copyright licensing, open educational resources (OER), and collaborative learning resource production. Below are research outputs and links to resources related to this work.

Project Overview

Figure 2:
Awareness levels of OER, by funding round

Awareness levels of OER, by funding round

Color reference:

Funding round Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Rounds 1,2 Rounds 1,3
Scale Size
  • 0.5 = none or few of team
  • 1 = 25% of team
  • 2 = 50% of team
  • 3 = 75% of team
  • 4 = 100% or nearly all
graph scale